Pioneer of connected health in France since 2014

We offer a complete ecosystem of e-health and telemedicine solutions for the public and health stakeholders.

We cover the entire healthcare path through a wide range of connected medical devices generating reliable and contextualized data related to an expert artificial intelligence system. This data can be operated from a remote medical monitoring platform for healthcare professionals and a mobile application for the public. Our VisioCheck® mobile and connected telemedicine station has been designed to facilitate the daily medical practice of healthcare professionals. It also provides an appropriate response to promote access to care in areas of medical desertification. At the crossroads of the medical world and technological innovation, BewellConnect is Visiomed Group’s connected health subsidiary. We are based in Paris, located in the United States and Brazil and distributed in 8 countries. We are members of the French Tech and Health Tech ambassadors to promote French excellence in the health area around the world.

We are creators of smart health data

We generate rich and actionable health data by making it available to the right person at the right time :

  • With health professionals to help the medical decision, anticipate and take charge of risk situations and improve the healthcare path
  • With patients so that they live better with their disease and participate actively in the follow-up of their treatment with a better comfort of life
  • With the public to promote prevention and encourage everyone to take charge of their health
Health’s model, patient / doctor relationship, preventive or curative medicine, digital technology is profoundly transforming the world of health. At the forefront, with the pioneering spirit that has always animated us, we contribute to build this new world month after month alongside health professionals and patients.

Olivier Hua

BewellConnect’s CEO

The security of your data is our priority

We attach the utmost importance to the health data that you entrust to us. They are stored in France at a health data host approved by the Ministry of Health. We wanted to go further by initiating the compliance of our organization with ISO 27001. This standard guarantees the data security and integrity, from collection to storage.

This will allow us to certify our system by an independent organization.

The values at the heart of our action

Innovation, audacity, simplicity, proximity, services ...
Our values give meaning to our actions every day and allow us to see further to bring you the most appropriate solutions. Our medical expertise guides their design. We take only the best from technology, to provide a simple answer tailored to your needs. We measure the importance of the responsibility you entrust to us. Our role as a trusted third party in the patient-doctor relationship commits us.

Our partners

In a world of constant change, we believe that open innovation is a factor of development and progress for all. These collaborations make it possible to take advantage of the most advanced expertise of the market to propose together better solutions.

Our business partners


Our research and tech partners