My personal health assistant app helps you take care of yourself

It allows to measure your health data (pressure, weight, heart rate, blood sugar …) by activating, via Bluetooth, all the BewellConnect health items and connected medical devices, to follow their evolution through graphs and dashboards and share them with your doctor


To help you, my personal health assistant interprets your measurements in color codes to make them more understandable. Green: everything is fine   – Orange: warning  –  Red: Danger. The color display is indexed to the different classification levels of Medical Learned Societies.

You can activate the programs of our MyTens and MyPeritens connected electrostimulators to relieve pain, tone muscle mass or strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

With My Personal Health Assistant app, you can also access two paid premium services

Bewell Check-up® allows you to evaluate an unusual symptom at any time using a personalized medical questionnaire based on an expert artificial intelligence system. It is triggered automatically by an abnormal measurement (fever, hypertension …) taken with BewellConnect connected medical devices or manually when necessary.

You get an assessment of the situation’s urgency, a diagnostic orientation and first recommendations.

Because beyond reassuring or alerting, it is sometimes necessary to take charge, MyDoc® puts you in contact by phone with a doctor available 24/7 from France as from abroad.

My Personal Health Assistant app can be used by the whole family (up to 7 different profiles). We attach the utmost importance to securing your personal health data. They are kept in France by approved hosts hosting health data by the Ministry of Health. Only you can consult and share them.


App available for free download on App store and Google Play