Illustration of our innovative e-health and telemedicine solutions; the hand of a person holding a smartphone using the BW-Check-up app.

Our expertise

We offer innovative e-health and telemedicine solutions. Our unique end-to-end ecosystem enhances the medical care and follow-up of patients. Through our connected medical devices, we generate reliable, contextualized and actionable data. BewellXpert, our medical monitoring platform aggregates this data and thus allows a personalized remote monitoring of patients. BW-Check-up®, our triage solution backed by an expert AI system, analyzes symptoms and assesses risks before initiating treatment. And our connected telemedicine station, VisioCheck®, adapts to all situations where mobility is key and access to care paramount.

Our convictions

Digital allows to reinvent our health system and the relation between patients and doctors. At the service of health professionals, digital is a growth and performance factor which generates proximity and trust with patients. Secured health data belong to patients. They take on their full value when they are contextualized and shared with health professionals, to the benefit of everyone. This revolution allows to combine the physician’s expertise and attention with the technological advances.

La main d'un médecin tenant VisioCheck mesurant la saturation en oxygène et la fréquence cardiaque d'une patiente que l'on devine en arrière-plan.
Illustration de nos engagements sécurité et confidentialité ; schéma informatique, au centre d'un losange un cadenas et une main cliquant sur le cadenas.

Our commitments

  • We guarantee a high level of confidentiality and data security (HDS - ISO 27001)
  • Our modular solutions adapt to every context and every need (API available for third party server integration)
  • Our devices are interoperable ISO 13485 standards and are designed from the HL7 FHIR, HL7 V.2, V.3 and SNOMED standards
  • We assist our clients on all deployment stages of the project (design and implementation, change management, training ...)