Triage solution (symptom analysis and risk assessment)



Triage solution (symptom analysis and risk assessment)

A Class I medical device, based on an expert system of artificial intelligence, BW-Check-up® questions the patient on contextual functional and clinical signs of a medical problem he encounters, to bring out the degree of severity as well as the main diagnostic assumptions. It is a triage solution that facilitates management and medical practice.

My Virtual medical assessment


Class Ia Medical Device

Class I medical device

An evaluation system based on a medical algorithm gathering 350 emergency medicine diagnoses and 750 general medicine diagnoses developed with emergency physicians, specialists in medical decision support for more than 30 years (MEDVIR inside)

Automatically triggered by an abnormal measurement (fever, hypertension, …) or manually by the user himself

Personalized medical questionnaire (main symptom, other signs) integrating the patient profile data (age, gender, history, etc.)

Weighted diagnostic guidelines

Assessment of the degree of urgency and recommended time for medical management on 5 levels

First recommendations (attitudes, gestures …)

Product’s benefits

Illustration des + produits ; schéma d'un crane humain vu de coté sous la forme d'un circuit électronique avec autre circuit pour illustrer le cerveau.
  • Integrate data from BewellConnect® connected medical devices. If an abnormal measurement is detected, BW-Check-up® sends an automatic alert to the user
  • Popularized language (stomach ache vs. abdominal pain) and tooltip
  • Second level of questionnaire allowing a deepening of the results
  • Creation of a timestamped PDF that can be shared with a health professional

Use cases

  • Remote monitoring as part of the return home after a hospitalization (outpatient surgery, intervention, chemotherapy ...)
  • Remote monitoring of chronic patients
  • Pre-diagnostic support for mobile teams (first aid, ambulance, reception and orientation nurses, firefighters)
  • Emergency room triage by a reception and orientation nurse
  • Regulation (PSAP)
  • Point of care before triggering a teleconsultation
illustration des cas d'usages de télé suivi ou de télésurveillance de malades chroniques ; une infirmière montrant à une personne âgée l'écran d'un tablette.

Additional solutions

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  • BewellConnect® Connected Medical Devices and Health Objects and Associated Gateways
  • VisioCheck, mobile and connected telemedicine station
  • BewellXpert® telemonitoring and care coordination platform
  • Medical Tray

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