Product name MyOxy®
Brand BewellConnect®
Model BW-OX1
Medical device CE 0197
Classification Classe IIa
Measurement zone Non invasive measurement of the pulsed oxygen saturation of the
hemoglobin and the poulse
Measurement zone Finger
Measurement Units SpO2 : 1% – Pulse : 1 beat / min.
Functions Measure your oxygen level in the blood and your heart rate;
Monitoring of asthma and COPD
Measurement precision SpO2 : 70 – 100% : ± 3% – Pulsation : ± 2 bpm
Measuring range – SpO2 Display range : 35 – 99% – Measuring range : 70 – 99%
Measuring range – Pulse Display and measurement range : 30 to 250bpm
Memory No memory
Auto switch-off 8 seconds
Operating Condition 5 – 40°C / 41 – 104°F, 15 to 93% humidity
Display type LED screen
Bluetooth technology 4.0
Compatibility iOS 8 (iPhone 4S and more), Androïd 4.3
Dimension produit 32*32*62mm / 1.3 * 1.3 * 2.4 in
Weight 40g / 0,09 lb
Power Source Lithium 280mAh (250mAh)
DC voltage 3,7V
Accessories provided 1 pulse oximeter, 1 instruction manual, 1 storage bag, 1 USB cable
Warranty 2 years (without accessories)


Connected pulse oximeter



Connected pulse oximeter

MyOxy® is a connected pulse oximeter. Class IIa medical device, it allows to control SpO2 oxygen saturation and heart rate in real time. Convenient and adapted to patient use, it easily integrates with remote monitoring programs

Oxymètre de pouls connecté MyOxy ; l'oxymètre en gros plan est positionné de 3/4 avec la marque BewellConnect sur un bord et MyGluco au bord opposé.


Class IIa medical device

Class IIa medical device

Percentage measurement of oxygen saturation in blood in real time

SpO2 display (in%) and heart rate bpm (beat per minute)

Detection of hypoxemic elements upstream of clinical signs

Finger operated

Connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy

Product’s benefits

Illustration of Product’s benefits; MyOxy is on and displays the result of a measurement, it is glued to a smartphone that shows the MyOxy application
  • Non-invasive
  • Small, compact, lightweight (40g / 0.09lb), easy to carry
  • Simple and convenient use (just put your finger inside)

Use cases

  • Remote monitoring as part of the return home after a hospitalization (outpatient surgery, intervention, chemotherapy ...)
  • Follow-up of chronic patients: (Asthma - COPD (Broncho Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) - cardiac pathologies)
  • Equipment of a medical or nursing practice
Illustration des cas d’usages ; les mains d'un utilisateur de MyOxy prenant une mesure, un smartphone dans la main gauche montre l'application MyGluco.

Additional solutions

A telemonitoring and care coordination platform
  • Connecting gateways (smartphone and tablet). To follow the evolution of the oxygen saturation rate in the blood and the heart rate, MyOxy® must be connected via Bluetooth to a gateway that allows patient data to be reassembled in a secure way via Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G networks to the healthcare professional
  • Secure cloud HDS - storage and interoperability solution for patient data

Interoperable format HL7 FHIR. APIs available on request for third-party server integration.

  • BewellXpert® - telemonitoring and care coordination platform

MyOxy® – Ref: BW-OX1. This Class IIa medical device is a regulated health product that carries the CE – CE0197 marking under the regulations. BewellConnect SAS. Read the BW-OX1 manual carefully (July 2017).

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