Medical telemonitoring and care coordination platform



Medical telemonitoring and care coordination platform

BewellXpert® is a medical telemonitoring and care coordination platform that enables healthcare professionals to remotely monitor their patients through health data collection and customizable programs.

Illustration of BewellXpert, our telemonitoring and care coordination platform; screen of a laptop displaying the home of BewellXpert.


Collection and processing of health data captured by the BewellConnect range (medical devices and connected health objects, VisioCheck …)

Expert programs for the follow-up of chronic patients (heart failure, diabetes …)

Patient’s data visualization in the form of a dashboard with color coding to act quickly and better

Management priorities through the alert system (compliance, scores, goals)

Management of user profiles (responsibility, right of access)

Management of patient profiles (antecedents, allergies, contacts, etc.)

Simplify interfacing with other patient records with Intersystem’s HealthShare Interoperability Platform (360 ° Patient Vision)

Encrypted storage of health data and synchronization with a secure HDS cloud server *


* Hosting health data

Customizable performance indicators

Product’s benefits

A telemonitoring and care coordination platform
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Customizable medical algorithms
  • Adjustment of action plans
  • Coordination of the various stakeholders in the health care teams
  • Enriching patient information from other ISs with Intersystems HealthShare solution
  • Customizable management of alerts

Use cases

  • Remote monitoring of chronic patients
  • Remote monitoring as part of the return home after a hospitalization (outpatient surgery, intervention, chemotherapy ...)
  • Point of care
illustration des cas d'usages de télé suivi ou de télésurveillance de malades chroniques ; une infirmière montrant à une personne âgée l'écran d'un tablette.

Additional solutions

Illustration des solutions complémentaires à BewellXpert ; les 8 dispositifs médicaux et objets de santé connectés BewellConnect, MyECG, MyTensio …
  • BewellConnect® Connected Medical Devices and Health Objects and Associated Gateways
  • VisioCheck, mobile and connected telemedicine station
  • Sorting solution based on an expert system of artificial intelligence (Check-up / Medvir inside)
  • Videoconsultation solution

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