The 1st mobile and connected telemedicine station of less than 300g



The 1st mobile and connected telemedicine station of less than 300g

VisioCheck® is an “all-in-one” portable connected telemedicine station. It measures the vital constants (pulse, PA, temp, Sat O2, ECG) simply and can provide teleconsultation by videoconference. Class IIa medical device, it is designed to facilitate the daily medical practice for health professionals.


* According to usability tests conducted in 2017 – Results: 3.8 / 5

VisioCheck mobile and connected telemedicine station viewed from the front, displaying the summary of the measures taken for a patient.


A humeral armband blood pressure monitor (insufflation measurements)

A non-contact infrared body thermometer

An electrocardiograph (5 electrodes, 7 leads AVR, AVL, AVF, DI, DII, DIII, C1)

A Pulse oximeter

Videoconferencing with real-time data transfer via WiFi, 3G / 4G networks


Possible integration with a third-party medical platform

Remote visualization: wounds, injuries, pimples, throat …

Sorting solution based on an expert artificial intelligence system (Medvir inside)

Management of patient profiles (marital status, medical history, allergies, contacts) and measurements of vital constants

Management of user profiles (responsibility, right of access)

Compatible with BewellConnect medical devices and health objects via Bluetooth® Low Energy connection

Encrypted storage of health data and documents in the device


Synchronization with an optional HDS (Health Data Hosting) secure cloud server. Interoperable format HL7 FHIR. APIs available on request for third party server integration

Product’s benefits

Illustration des + produits ; une main droite tenant le VisioCheck, l'écran d'accueil afffiche un médecin en cravate avec un stétoscope autour du cou.

All in one, mobile and connected (less than 300g). Videoconsultation with real-time feedback. Interoperable: Integration into your ecosystem with our APIs

  • All in one, mobile and connected (less than 300g)
  • Videoconsultation with real-time feedback
  • Interoperable: Integration into your ecosystem with our APIs
  • Universal connectivity
  • Security and confidentiality of data

Use cases

VisioCheck® adapts to all situations where mobility is key and access to care essentiall

  • Healthcare facilities up to the patient's beds (mobile teams, emergency rooms in hospitals and clinics, assisted teleconsultation in nursing homes, etc.)
  • Traveling health professionals for better mobility (home visits, medical transport, emergencies ...)
  • Point of care to adapt to any type of space (pharmacies, public places, business medicine, school medicine)
Illustration of use cases; front view of a young woman in bed on a an ambulance, the hand of a doctor taking his temperature with VisioCheck.
Vu de face de la station de téléconsultation pour les points of care, composée d'un écran, d'une webcam, d'un VisioCheck et de ses accesoires.

Teleconsultation station for points of care

Handy and compact (about 50cm² on the ground), the teleconsultation station proposed by BewellConnect was designed specifically for point of care from its flagship product: VisioCheck®.


The unique Point of Care concept enables vital constants measurements and teleconsultation outside of medical practices and care facilities. It promotes access to care and the follow-up of chronically ill patients in areas of medical desertification (public places, confidentiality space of pharmacies, etc.) and provides new levers for school-based healthcare and occupational medicine.

Additional solutions

A telemonitoring and care coordination platform
  • Secured HDS cloud - storage and interoperability solution for patient data
  • BewellXpert - telemonitoring and care coordination platform
  • General medicine tray with or without appointment of specialty medicine

VisioCheck® – Ref: BW-X07HD. This Class IIa medical device is a regulated health product that carries the CE – CE0197 marking under the regulations. BewellConnect SAS.

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