• Référence

  • Paramètres

    Min. / Max.
  • Pas

    0 / 99999
  • Distance (km)

    0 / 99999
  • Calories (kcal)

    0 / 99999
  • Format horaire

    0 / 99999
  • Format horaire

  • Alarme

    Jusqu’à 10 paramétrables
  • Notifications

    SMS / Appel / Facebook / Facebook Messenger / WhatsApp / WeChat / Linkedin / Instagram
  • Alertes

    Sédentarité / Anti Lost / Localisation de téléphone
  • Autres fonct.

    Wrist Sense Contrôle de l’appareil photo
  • Chipset

    Nordic nRF51822
  • Capt. fréq. card.

    Silicon labs Si1142
  • Écran

    OLED 0,49 pouces
  • Mémoire

    32kb RAM 256kb ROM
  • Bracelet

    TPE / Silicone haute qualité
  • Dimensions bracelet

    230 x 20 x 13 mm
  • Poids

    81 g
  • Batterie

    60mAh Lithium-polymère

BW-MyCoach Pulse


BW-MyCoach Pulse

Starting today, boost your physical activity by monitoring your heart rate and tracking the quality of your sleep. With BW-MyCoach Pulse, take your first steps to fitness!

Monitors your physical activity and heart rate in real time so that you can manage your exercise more efficiently

Tracks your sleep to increase your comfort and well-being

Helps you set goals and improve your behaviour


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A discreet and reliable daily personal coach

24 hours with BW-MyCoach Pulse

  • 1Track your activity: number of steps, distance covered and calories burned throughout the day.
  • 2Monitor your heart rate during exercise to prevent any risks.

  • 3Track your sleep and correlate what you think are “good” or “bad” nights with concrete measurements (quality and duration, distinction between sleep cycles: light and deep).
  • 4Manage your caloric output based on the intensity of the exercise you do (Sport mode) and set precise goals.

  • 5Receive notifications (SMS, social networks) and set alarms (for waking up, taking medicine, etc.).
  • 6BW-MyCoach Life operates for up to 5 days without needing to be charged and is equipped with a system for finding your smartphone and an “Anti-Lost” function (alerts you when your tracker bracelet gets too far away from your smartphone).

Get going with the BewellConnect app.

BW-MyCoach Life easily connects and automatically syncs to your BewellConnect app via Bluetooth. Measure your progress with complete confidence! .

A clear interface and graphs to track your progress (calories burned, sleep, etc.).


Personalised tracking based on your saved profile plus easier data sharing with your doctor.


Your health data are secure (Servers certified by the French Ministry of Health).


An iOS- and Android-compatible app, available from the App Store and Google Play.


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For a quick start!

Familiarize yourself with your connected medical device in minutes

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BW-MyCoach Pulse

Activity and sleep tracker


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Go farther with BewellConnect

Discover a selection of products and services to complement your augmented health experience!..

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