• Référence

  • Dimension

    130 mm (L)x30mm(W)x21,8mm (H)
  • Poids

    46 g (sans les piles)
  • Dispositif médical

    Class IIa
  • Système d’induction

    1 canal, 3 dérivations Bande passante
  • Mémoire

    20 mesures
  • Technologie Bluetooth

  • Précision de mesure de la fréquence cardiaque

    30 bpm~100bpm;≤2bpm / 101 bpm~240bpm≤4bpm
  • Plage de mesure de fréquence cardiaque

  • Fréquence d´échantillonnage

    250 Hz
  • Autonomie

    3 mois utilisation normale/1 an stockage
  • Contenu

    1 MYECG, 1 guide utilisateur, 2 piles AAA, 1 quickstep, 10 électrodes, 3 capteurs de doigts, 1 cable ECG
  • Alimentation

    2 AAA batteries (fournies)
  • Écran





Class IIa medical device
Class IIa medical device

Perform your electrocardiogram at any time, wherever you are. A discreet and effective assistant for taking care of your heart.

Records your electrocardiogram in 30 seconds

Personalised monitoring in order to detect an abnormal heart rhythm

Miniature, compact and wireless


In stock


An electrocardiogram designed for those who need one

24 hours with MyECG

  • 1Ideal for monitoring heart arrhythmia.
  • 2A reliable way to set your mind at ease in your daily life or while travelling.

  • 33 possible ways to use the device, with or without electrodes.
  • 4MyECG places the curve in a graph that can be send to the doctor thus allowing him to distinguish a genuine arrhythmia of a stress phase.

MyECG BW-HR1 – This class IIa medical device is a regulated health product with the CE marking in compliance with the reglementation. Read carefully the instructions before using (08/2018). Consult your pharmacist. Beijing Choice Electronic Technology Co., LTD Shanghai International Holding Corp. GmbH (Europe)

Get going with the BewellConnect app.

MyECG easily and automatically synchronises with our BewellConnect app via Bluetooth. Opt for continuous viewing from your smartphone with complete confidence!

Personalised tracking based on your stored profile (graphs to track your progress, dashboard).


Option available to share your data with your doctor or loved ones.


Your health data are secure (Servers certified by the French Ministry of Health).


Locate a health professional anywhere in the world in the event of an emergency.


An iOS- and Android-compatible app, available from the App Store and Google Play.


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Google Play icone

For a quick start!

Familiarize yourself with your connected medical device in minutes

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Connected pocket electrocardiogram


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Discover a selection of products and services to complement your augmented health experience!..

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