• Reference

  • Weight measurement range

    min : 5 kg max : 200 kg
  • Accuracy up to 50 kg

    0.5 kg
  • Accuracy up to 100 Kg

    1 kg
  • Accuracy of 150 Kg

    1,5 kg
  • Calories accuracy

    115 kcal
  • Units

    kg / lb
  • Profiles

    Profils 8 profils utilisateurs / kg / lb
  • Age

    10-80 ans
  • Height

    100-200 cm
  • Dimensions

    320x320x28 mm
  • Weight

  • Normal conditions of use

    Température : 0-40°C, Humidité 85 %
  • Bluetooth technology

    4.0 smart low energy
  • Distance Bluetooth

    10 m max
  • Power supply

    4 pile AAA fournies
  • Battery life

    3-4 mois pour 4 mesures journalières / Indicateur de baterie faible
  • Automatic shut down

    +- 10 secondes

MyScale Analyzer XL

Analyzer XL

MyScale Analyzer XL

Watch your weight and control your cardiovascular risk factors! With MyScale Analyzer XL, discover your entire family’s health partner.

Follow-up of the weight and calculation of the calorie intake necessary from the BIA (bioelectrical analysis of the impedance).

Complete analysis of body composition (BMI, body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, body water mass)

Range from 5 to 200 kg for the whole family (5 years and up). Record up to 8 profiles.


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Your family smart scale

24h with MyScale Analyzer XL

  • 1Measure the effects of a balanced diet and regular physical activity through programming of personalized goals.
  • 2With its high precision gauge sensors, the weight measurement is very precise and the results are easily interpretable thanks to the color display (in the BewellConnect application).

  • 3Detect improvement areas by monitoring the indicators (IMC, WHtR *) – * HEIGHT RATIO / SIZE ROUND.
  • 4Control of linked cardiovascular risk factors (BMI).

Get going with the BewellConnect app

MyScale Analyzer XL connects easily via bluetooth with our BewellConnect app and automatically syncs. Measure your progress with confidence!

Personalized follow-up according to your registered profile (tracking curves, dashboard).


Automatic transfer of scale measurements to our mobile application.


Sharing your data with your doctor is easier via smartphone.


Secure health data (hosts approved by the Ministry of Health and the Shared Health Information Systems Agency).


Location of a health professional anywhere in the world in case of emergency.

MyScale Analyzer XL

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MyScale Analyzer XL

Connected bioelectrical impedance scale


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Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 25 cm


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