• Référence

  • Classification

    Classe IIa
  • Méthode de mesure

    Système Oscillométrique, mesure à l’inflation
  • Dimensions

    70 x 72 x 13 mm – Bracelet 13,5 x 21,5 cm diamètre
  • Plage de mesure

    Pression : 0~299 mmHg / Pulsations : 40~180 battements/minute
  • Précision

    Pression : ± 3 mmHg / Pulsations : ± 5 %
  • Gonflage

    Gonflage par pompe électrique
  • Dégonflage

    Pression relâchée par valve
  • Fonction

    IHB (Irregular HeartBeat detector) : Détection d’arythmie
  • Conditions normales d’utilisation

    Température : 10~40°C – Humidité :15~90%RH
  • Conditions de stockage

    Température : -20~60 °C / Humidité : 10~95%RH
  • Pression barométrique

  • Technologie Bluetooth

  • Led Bluetooth

    Appareil en marche : LED allumée / Batterie faible : appparait sur l'écran / Chargement : LED allumée
  • Batterie

    Batterie rechargeable Ll-ion (300 mAh)
  • USB

    Port USB 2.0
  • Durée de la bataterie

    Entre 100 et 150 mesures
  • Voltage

    3.7 V
  • Accessoires fournis

    Bracelet 13,5x21,5 manuel d'instruction / guide d'utilisation rapide / pochette de rangement / cable USB 800 mm

MyTensio wrist

Tensio wrist

MyTensio Wrist

Class IIa medical device
Class IIa medical device

Easily monitor your blood pressure every day! Tracking your own blood pressure at home is essential to detect hypertension early and prevent the onset of complications. With our connected wrist blood pressure monitor, you’ve found the perfect partner to assist you at home and while travelling.

Easily measures your blood pressure and enables personal monitoring at home

Monitors your arterial hypertension and medical treatment in a preventive manner

Records all your readings so that data can be easily shared and analysed by your doctor

Tensiomètre de poignet connecté MyTensio poignet de 3/4 face ; le tensiomètre est allumé et montre le résultat d'une mesure.


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An assistant that adapts itself to your lifestyle

24 hours with MyTensio Wrist

  • 1MAM technology: A series of 3 consecutive automatic readings (15-second intervals).
  • 2Self-tracking recommended by the SFHTA (French Hypertension Society) (3 consecutive readings twice a day).

  • 3Day-to-day changes can be tracked directly on the app via graphs of systolic pressure. Diastolic pressure and beats/min graphs.
  • 4
    Objectives by profile: For personalised hypertension management.

MyTensio wrist BW-BW1 – This class IIa medical device is a regulated health product with the CE marking in compliance with the reglementation. Read carefully the instructions before using (08/2018). Consult your pharmacist. Visiomed Technology Co.,   Ltd. VISIOMED GROUP SA.

Get going with the BewellConnect app.

MyTensio Wrist easily connects and automatically syncs to our BewellConnect app via Bluetooth. Measure your blood pressure with complete confidence!

Personalised tracking based on your stored profile (graphs to track your progress).


Option available to share your data with your doctor.


Your health data are secure (Servers certified by the French Ministry of Health).


An iOS- and Android-compatible app, available from the App Store and Google Play.


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For a quick start!

Familiarize yourself with your connected medical device in minutes

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MyTensio Wrist

Connected wrist blood pressure monitor


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