Last update : 2018/07/03

All items sold by BewellConnect have a guarantee of at least one year. Some items have a sales guarantee of more than one year. This is indicated on the descriptions of the items concerned.


The guarantee relates only to the original final purchaser. A purchase invoice or other proof of purchase will be required for after-sales service, in accordance with said guarantee.


The guarantee will be invalidated where serial numbers on products are changed, replaced, illegible, absent or if a repair has been made without any outcome by any unauthorized service, including the user.


The guarantee covers only defective equipment or parts, arising during normal use of the product. It does not cover damage caused during the dispatch or carriage of the device, caused by repairs made by a distributor, by alterations made, by the connection of equipment not approved by BewellConnect, or caused by use that is contrary to user instructions. Furthermore, the guarantee does not cover damage related to items being dropped, improper handling, improper installation, fire damage, flood, lightning, or any other natural disaster.


This guarantee does not cover product packaging, accessories, or any defective appearance due to the display of the product for sale, in showrooms, retail outlets, for demonstration purposes, etc. Normal use, cleaning and replacement of parts with normal wear and tear are not covered by the terms of this guarantee.


BewellConnect and its representatives and agents will not under any circumstances be held liable for miscellaneous damage and prejudice following the use of the product or inability to use said product. This guarantee shall be valid only in respect of BewellConnect, and any other guarantees including this guarantee (sales guarantee) will not be taken into account.


The purchase invoice is mandatory to be able to benefit from the Product guarantee.


Terms of After-Sales Service

If there is a problem with the use of our products or in the event of a product breakdown, please contact our After-Sales Service Department by telephone on 08 00 68 01 80 (only available from France) or by email with our contact form, explaining the problem that you have and the circumstances in which it arose.


Whatever item is involved, customers must make a claim to our After-Sales Service Department and request formal written authorization from BewellConnect bearing an AGR (Authorized Goods Return) number.
Any product returns must include a photocopy of the invoice, and a letter explaining the breakdown, as well as the AGR number issued by BewellConnect.
All returns must be made postage paid. Postage of products that are out of order will be paid by the customer. We advise you to take out all appropriate insurance to cover any loss or damage to your parcel. Products are returned at the customer’s risk.


Products that are out of order must be sent with the documents described above to the following address:



BewellConnect – After-Sales Service
5002 rue Paul Fort
ZAC du Clos de la Tête
14730 Giberville


Any order returned to another address than the address above will be refused.


Times required to process After-Sales Service claims vary between 7 and 15 days. If this period should be exceeded, our Customer Service Department will contact you.


Customer Service

Telephone: 08 00 68 01 80 (only available from France)
From Monday to Saturday from 9 am – 6 pm.
Email: contact form