With BewellConnect, you can take care of your health every day, whether you’re at home, on vacation, etc. It’s simple to share your health measurements and data with your doctor or family. You’ll have more peace of mind, and your loved ones will be reassured!

Your needs, our solutions

Whether it’s monitoring your blood pressure, caring for your heart, being able to consult a doctor 24/7 or keeping up on your daily fitness, BewellConnect knows that your health is precious and we’re there, at your side, to look after you.

Precise data and a customised dashboard for personalised tracking

Increased independence at home while feeling assisted and supported.

You can easily share your health data with your doctor or family.




Whether you’re measuring your pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar level or weight, monitoring your health data can help your doctor optimise your treatment and personalised tracking.

Dedicated products

In-home care


Family members, nurses and carers play a key role in supporting loved ones who are progressively losing their independence. By providing comfort, safety and confidence, BewellConnect connected health solutions promote proper in-home care conditions (remote surveillance, self-tracking, immediate contact with a doctor, etc.).


Dedicated products


Keeping in shape


15 minutes engaging in a sports activity is sufficient to improve your health. The European Society of Cardiology recommends this for seniors. This doesn’t mean doing exercise that goes beyond your abilities. A little light gym work or some power walking also helps you loosen up and relax. Now get out there and do it! Measure your steps taken. You’ll be surprised at the progress you’re going to make.

Dedicated products